About Kim Ayres
Kim AyresFaces are incredible, wonderful, beautiful things. I love the landscape of them - the textures, colours and tones.

And I love the way people inhabit their faces. All the moods, expressions and emotions. The face is the ultimate dressing-up box.

There is no such thing as an ordinary face.

And if you think there is, you are not looking close enough.

Favorits: Authors
  • Manuel Figueiredo
  • Rui  Pires
  • maria joão arcanjo
  • José Fangueiro
  • Alexandre Lopes
  • Robert Mueller
  • Carlos Serejo
  • Ben Goossens
  • tiago capela
  • Kevin Ng
  • Ursula I Abresch
  • Nikolay Postnikov
Favorits: Photos
  • Abandoned II
  • Your time
  • your battlefield
  • Wet jump
  • generations
  • ELSA
  • J.
  • BW
  • Joseph II_
  • Nancy
  • public privacy
  • The Afghan girl
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